About Simadent Dental Clinic

Simadent Dental Clinic is the most prestigious dental information website in Iran. All content in this site originates from the translation of latest articles of reputable international dentistry associations, World Health Organization, and world dental federation. The administering team of Simadent consists of expert and prominent individuals in dentistry science. They seek to enhance community knowledge about oral and dental health.
By referring to Simadent clinic, you would be informed of the results of latest dentistry studies, surely. Simadent provides you the most reputable and up-to-date encyclopedia of dental science. The dentists and administering team of this website aim to improve the oral and dental health of individuals. If you care about the oral and dental health of yourself and your children, benefit from reputable educational videos and contents on Simadent website. Contact with Simadent Dental Clinic and inform us of your valuable feedback.

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