تا چند سال بعد از کشیدن دندان می‌توان ایمپلنت کرد؟

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a suitable alternative for missed teeth. Until a few decades ago, the use of dentures was common, but by the emergence of implantology, the use of dentures has gradually declined. Its function like a real tooth and is not aesthetically different from natural teeth.
In this paper, the following topics are examined:

What is the implant?

A dental implant is made of a titanium base that is located in the jawbones and acts as the dental root. Titanium is used in this structure due to its compatibility with the jawbones. When the titanium base is inserted into the gums, a ceramic is coated on the metal base that acts as the crown of the tooth. The connector of the metal base and the ceramic coating is a material called an abutment.

What are implants used for?

1-Implants are used to replace one or more teeth that have been lost due to various factors.
2-The teeth do not grow congenitally; dental implants are used to fill the space of these teeth.
3-When a tooth is lost, the displacement of adjacent teeth might create an inappropriate space. In this case, a dental implant would be carried out.
4-When lost teeth hurt a person’s appearance, dental implants should be carried out to restore the beauty of the smile.

Dental Implant

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants act exactly like a natural tooth, in so far as, there would not be any distinction between the implanted a natural tooth. Implants are a safe and secure treatment. Implants are a permanent treatment if they are well cared for, and the jawbone has suitable conditions to maintain them.

What are the types of dental implants?

Dental implants are performed in two ways: one-stage implants and two-stage implants. Each of these methods is selected and performed for each person by a dentist diagnosis. The single-stage implant, surgery, and stitching would be carried out in one session, and no further sessions are required. However, in another method, surgery, stitching, and completing the therapy would be carried out in two sessions.

Dental Implant

Is implant placement painful?

With the use of a local anesthetic, the dental implant procedure itself is nearly painless. Once the anesthetic wears off, however, patients often feel some level of discomfort. Many patients can effectively manage pain with the help of over-the-counter drugs. Sometimes in complicated situations, the dentist is forced to perform the surgery under general anesthetic. In people with mental disabilities, dental implants are usually carried out under general anesthesia to prevent any disorder.

Which teeth can be implanted?

No numerical restrictions are available to the dental implants. Either one or the full series of teeth can be implanted. It depends entirely on your circumstances, of course. The dentist first considers the status of the mandible or maxilla. By performing several experiments, they examine the strength of bones. If you are eligible for a dental implant, you can implant them.

Dental Implant

What is the dental implant method?

First, the patient’s condition should be investigated. The necessary tests would be carried out, such as photography, assessment of bones and adjacent teeth, the gum resistance, and its healthiness.
In subsequent sessions, the titanium base is placed in the mandible and maxilla bones using the local anesthetic.
The titanium base, such as a small screw, is inserted into the gum using the appropriate medical devices.
Depending on the patient’s condition, the implant is placed on the base of the implant at the same session or the next session. Usually, you have to wait for the union of the titanium base to the bones.
In these situations, after the union of the titanium, the abutment is used, and then the tooth crown is placed on the titanium base. The crown should be the same color as other teeth so that the color and the mold should be taken before it is replaced. Moreover, in the lab, the same tooth should be molded.

Dental Implant

What happens after the implant?

After implanting, your mandible and maxilla bones must grow on it and connect to the titanium base of the implant. Usually, this process takes a few months. If your teeth are infected with the implant or swell infection after this time, you can say that you are observing one of the symptoms of the implant rejection. Visit your doctor in this case.

Post-dental implant cares

It is one of the most important factors in the process of care and observance of health throughout treatment as well as after treatment. Therefore, there are also cares to speed up the healing process and repair the stitches after the implant. To improve your surgical conditions, you need to rest well and refrain from heavy activities for at least 48 hours. Apply ice packs to improve inflation. It is also worth mentioning that you avoid alcohol and smoking after treatment because it causes infections on the implanted side. To wash the mouth too, use mouthwash and lukewarm water, avoid brushing your teeth. However, always pay attention to cleaning your mouth and teeth after every meal. Soft nutrition is also recommended during the first week of therapy. Furthermore, avoid chewing food and pushing teeth so that there is no pressure on the stitches.

Dental Implant

How long is the dental implant lifetime?

The implant lifetime is long, but it depends on the degree of care of each individual. In general, it can be stated that the implant lifetime is something about 20 years, and you must always observe the care points so that you do not have the same problems after the implant, which needs to be re-prepared for treatment. In some individuals, the implant may not fit properly or do not observe the medical points; then, the tooth will undergo decay and infections. However, as mentioned, the implant has a long lifetime. In addition to the degree of care, the material is also effective. The more durable the material, the more likely the fracture will be reduced. It is important to note that visiting the specialist and the equipped clinic are the most important issues that you should choose for your implant treatment. If you have any questioning about the implant, orthodontics, or the smile makeover, you can record your questions through the question and answer page to be responded. You can also communicate with us at the clinic in order to contact us.

Dental Implant

Dental implanting cost

Note that this is a multi-stage surgery conducted in two forms by a dentist or several dentists in different specialties. One of the determinants of price and estimating prices is the use of this method by one or more specialists. The skill of the dentist has a great effect on the estimation of dental beauty treatment costs. The restorative procedure in a dental implant is not in insurance contracts, and the payment of the dental implant is usually directed to the person most of the time.

Using different methods of molding and coating in the dental implant is an important factor in estimating the costs of recovery of teeth in this method and is determined by the prosthetist. Supplying of some well-known and prominent producing brands of prosthesis requires much expense, and a number of these companies undertake the treatment, retreatment after failing in the first line of treatment. The prosthesis of some brands in the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden are expensive, and they need much expense.

Common questions about the dental implant:

What are the types of dental implants?

The implant is the type of treatment used for lost teeth. The implant types are single- and two-step, which is diagnosed according to the appropriate treatment for each patient.

2 – Does the implant have complications?

The question that goes to implant treatment is about implant complications, which can be stated that if you go to your dentist, you do not need to worry about that. You can also benefit from the advice of your dentist in this regard

What is the cost and price of the implant in 2020?

The cost of the dental implant has not changed much in 2020 compared to last year, but there are always different factors in pricing, including the kind of implant, brand type, and use of lasers.

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