Smile makeover


What is the smile makeover?

Smile is a blessing. Every kind of smile is beautiful, but if the smile harmonizes with other parts of the face, it will be more pleasant. Smile makeover that shows off your white and tidy teeth, not only will make you more beautiful, but it will also have a positive effect on others. A beautiful smile strengthens the person’s self-confidence bases. Today, the smile is used as social interaction to bring compassion to others. Unfortunately, there are many cases where a person deprives himself and others of his smile, due to lack of tidy and brilliant teeth. Centuries ago, these cases were not curable, but today, due to the advances, any type of dental malformation can be corrected. Smile makeover or Hollywood smile is an easy and safe way to achieve the ideal smile.

in this paper, the following topics are examined:

Smile makeover

Hollywood smile

If you look at Hollywood celebrities, you will notice the beauty of their smile. There is no big secret for dentists about the beauty of Hollywood celebrities’ smiles. Dentists give people a Hollywood smile with several simple techniques. None of these people were born with perfect teeth. Rather, many of these celebrities have achieved their brilliant smile with the help of dentists and dental supplies. Most Hollywood celebrities have been able to create a beautiful and lasting smile by a smile makeover. These people are the role models of many people, and their smiles have been noticed to the extent that the Hollywood smile is now known all over the world.

Who needs a smile makeover?

Although smile makeover is mostly performed in people with dental or maxillary deformities, it should be noted that this method is common. Even people with tidy teeth can be candidates for a smile makeover. Sometimes a small change in the color of the teeth and the shape of the gums, makes people’s smiles significantly more attractive.

Smile makeover

In general, a smile makeover is more common in the following people:

  • Patients with diastema, especially among anterior teeth.
  • People who suffer from untidy and crooked teeth.
  • People whose teeth are not grown congenital.
  • People who have lost one or more teeth for every reason.
  • People who have tidy and healthy teeth but some of their teeth are chipped.
  • People with yellow teeth.
what is smile makeover

Is orthodontics necessary for a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a common phrase that has affected many minds, and it has no therapeutic basis and only a common perception. The idea that orthodontics will not be needed to smile makeover is completely wrong. In the case of untidy teeth, orthodontics will undoubtedly need the first step before doing anything to smile makeover. There is no other way than orthodontics to correct this anomaly. Orthodontics will not be needed if the teeth are tidy, and there are no maxillary problems.

What is the first step for a smile makeover?

The condition of the patient’s teeth and gums should be checked first. Usually, at the first appointment with the dentist, a picture is taken from the patient’s teeth, then the goals of the smile makeover and its process are explained to the patient. As mentioned, orthodontics and even teeth restoration may be needed. If a dental implant is required, the patient’s tooth is implanted before any procedure. When all the oral and teeth problems are eliminated, dental laminating is done. Laminate is a thin layer of ceramic or composite that is almost the same color as the teeth but clearer and brighter than natural teeth. The use of laminates is the most common way to smile makeover.

Smile makeover
Smile makeover

Dental veneer in a smile makeover

Dental veneers are used to resolve the apparent imperfections of the teeth. If the enamel is worn or broken and cracked, dental veneers are used. In some cases, misaligned teeth can be corrected with dental veneers, but it should be noted that in most cases, misaligned teeth can be removed with orthodontics and dental veneers are used only in limited cases. The dental veneer is made of composite or ceramic. Veneers are a thin layer that is placed on the teeth and show white and brilliant teeth, and finally are effective in a smile makeover.

Composite or ceramic veneer?

Porcelain veneers (ceramic) are a great option to have a beautiful smile. Ceramic veneers are more affordable than many smile makeover, but cost more than composite veneers. In this method, it is necessary to prepare a part of the enamel, mold, and makes ceramics in the laboratory; thus, it needs more time and cost than a composite veneer. In using ceramic veneer, the dentist preparation about half a millimeter of tooth enamel and molds teeth after adjusting them. The ceramics made in the laboratory should have the same color spectrum as the patient’s natural teeth.

Smile makeover

These ceramics are then glued to the teeth with a special glue; this requires high precision. In composite veneer, teeth are not prepared, so less cost and time are required for treatment. To compare the time of each of these methods to smile makeover, the use of composite veneer requires only one session. If using ceramics, it takes two or three weeks. Composite veneers are usually placed to the teeth in a 2-5-hour session.

Advantages and disadvantages of a smile makeover

In this regard, several points should be mentioned. First of all, it is important to note that sometimes it is necessary to prepare the gums. The lifetime of selected veneers should be considered from the beginning. Ceramic veneers are resistant to discoloration, so the beauty of the smile will be more lasting. Most composite veneers, like natural teeth, have changed color over time due to food intake. Smokers or people who drink much liquid such as coffee and tea are not candidates for composite veneers. There are composite veneers, which would be colored or stained later. Before performing any procedure, the dentist should explain the veneer’s lifetime.

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