Dental charges

dental price

Dental charges

Dental charges

Dental charges and specified fees for oral and dental treatments may vary under the supervision of any specialist or dentist; this slight difference in the dental fee may be affected by the materials used for treatment. Also, in addition to the materials used, the dental fee may be influenced by the expertise and experience of the dental practitioner. The treatment costs may change in proportion to various conditions, in which case the dental fee in one year may differ from that of the previous years. Subsequently, we will present the dental service fees in Simadent Clinic under the specialist’s supervision.

The costs of dental services rendered in Simadent Clinic include oral examination and diagnosis; oral surgery, root canal therapy without restoration; periodontal and prosthetic treatments, pediatric dentistry, restorative dentistry; orthodontic and implant treatment.


Dental charges Simadent Clinic


1- Examination and Diagnosis

No.Examination and DiagnosisGeneral Fee (Rial)
2Periapical Radiograph500.000

2-Costs of Oral and Dental Surgey

No.Oral SurgeryGeneral Fee (Rial)
1Extraction of Single Anterior Tooth3.000.000
2Extraction of Single Posterior Tooth4.000.000
3Extraction of Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)8.000.000
4Removal of Impacted Canine20.000.000
5Odontectomy of Wisdom tooth- ¬Soft Tissue12.000.000
6Odontectomy of Wisdom tooth-Hard Tissue18.000.000
8Intraoral Drainage of Abscess3.000.000
9Dry Socket (Per Session)3.000.000
10Tooth Exposure Surgery15.000.000
11Removal of Retained Root8.000.000


3-Root Canal Therapy (RCT) Costs:


RCT (Excluding Final Restoration)- General Dentist

General Fee (Rial)
1Emergency Pulpotomy (Permanent Tooth)5.000.000
2RCT- One Canal9.000.000
3RCT-Two Canals10.000.000
4RCT- Three Canals11.000.000
5RCT-Four Canals12.000.000


No.RCT (Excluding Final Restoration)- EndodontistGeneral Fee (Rial)
1RCT- One Canal12.000.000
2RCT-Two Canals15.000.000
3RCT- Three Canals20.000.000
4RCT-Four Canals25.000.000
5Retreatment of Each Canal7.000.000

4-Costs of Periodontal Therapy

No.Periodontal TherpayGeneral Fee (Rial)
1Dental Prophylaxis with Brushing4.000.000
2Flap Surgery-Per Jaw15.000.000
3Crown-lengthening with Flap12.000.000
4Gingival Graft-Per Tooth25.000.000
6Gingival Lift-Per Tooth6.000.000
7Sinus Lift-Closed Technique40.000.000
7Sinus Lift-Open Technique65.000.000

5-Costs of Prostheses

No.ProthesisGeneral Fee (Rial)
1PFM-Per Abutment25.000.000
2PFM-Per Pontic20.000.000
3Cast Post and Core12.000.000
4All-ceramic or Zirconia Crown30.000.000
5Porcelain Laminate35.000.000
6Cementation of Old Crowns2.000.000
7Removal of Old Crowns2.000.000
8Sectioning of Connected Crowns2.000.000
9Hard Night Guard32.000.000
10Soft Night Guard10.000.000
11Cementation of Old Bridge4.000.000
12Acrylic Partial Denture (Flipper)9.000.000
13Partial Denture with Metal Framework60.000.000
14Complete Denture-Per Jaw50.000.000
15Removal of Cast post and Core8.000.000
16Ceramic onlay endocrowon37.000.000
17Onlay endocrown composite29.000.000


6-Costs of Pediatric Dentistry

No.ChildrenGeneral Fee (Rial)
1Extraction of Anterior Teeth (Decisuous/Permanent)3.500.000
2Extraction of Posterior Teeth (Decisuous/Permanent)3.000.000
5Fluoride Therapy and Brushing of Each Jaw2.500.000
6Fissure Sealant Therapy-Per Tooth6.000.000
11Strip Crown-Per Tooth2.000.000
12Amalgam Filling of Deciduous Teeth7.000.000
13Composite Filling of Deciduous Teeth8.500.000

7-Costs of Dental Restoration

No.RestorationGeneral Fee (Rial)
1Amalgam Restoration-Class V or 1 surface6.000.000
2Amalgam Restoration-2 Surfaces7.000.000
3Amalgam Restoration-3 Surfaces8.000.000
4Composite Restoration-Class 5 or 1 surface8.000.000
5Composite Restoration-Class 3 or 2 Surfaces9.000.000
6Composite Restoration-Class 4 or 3 surfaces10.000.000
7Amalgam Build-up Restoration (Permanent Tooth)10.000.000
8Light-cured Composite Build-up (Permanent Tooth)18.000.000
9Regular Pin2.000.000
10Fiber Post2.000.000
11Drilling of Old Composite Fillings (Per Tooth)2.000.000
12Composite Facing (Per Tooth)20.000.000
13Removal of Intracanal Pins6.000.000
14Home Bleaching-Per Jaw15.000.000
15Office Bleaching-Per Jaw20.000.000



No.OrthodonticsGeneral Fee (Rial)
1Maxillary and Mandibular Fixed Orthodontic Appliance Without Tooth Extraction250.000.000
2Maxillary and Mandibular Fixed Orthodontic Appliance with Tooth Extraction260.000.000
3Orthodontic Surgery (Orthodontic Therapy for Jaw Surgery)350.000.000
4Damon Braces (Added for Each Jaw)80.000.000
5Ceramic Braces (Added for Each Jaw)80.000.000
6Removable Orthodontic Appliances-Upper and Lower Jaws160.000.000
7Face Mask150.000.000
8Functional Device150.000.000
10Fixed Retainer-Per Jaw15.000.000
11Replacement of Removable Appliance-Per Jaw15.000.000
12Rebonding Regular Brackets3.000.000
13Rebonding of Damon Braces4.000.000
14Rebonding of Ceramic Braces5.000.000
15Repair of Fixed Retainer (Each Zone)3.000.000
16Posterior Fixed Retainer (Each Zone)5.000.000
17Electrosurgery-Per Tooth5.000.000
18Orthodontic Appliance (2*4)-Upper and Lower Jaws160.000.000
19Replacement of Neck Pad5.000.000
20Replacement of Facebow5.000.000
21Dental Edge Adjustment-Per Jaw)2.500.000
22Hyrax Device70.000.000
23Surgical Hooks+Stage Impression10.000.000


9-Costs of Implant Treatment

No.ImplantGeneral Fee (Rial)
1Implant Fixture-Korean70.000.000
1Implant Fixture-Neodent (Swiss-made)90.000.000
1Implant Fixture-Straumann130.000.000
2Block Bone Graft70.000.000
3Bone Graft for Implant50.000.000
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