The Best Orthodontist in Tehran

the best Orthodontist in Tehran
the best Orthodontist in Tehran

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment and placement of teeth and jaws. It is essential to choose the best orthodontist in Tehran to ensure a successful and pain-free treatment experience. However, it can be challenging to know which orthodontist to choose, especially when you are new to the world of orthodontics. In this article, we will explore the difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist, introduce you to the best orthodontist in Tehran, and provide you with information on orthodontic services, costs in Tehran, how to choose the best orthodontist, and frequently asked questions about orthodontics.

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Introducing the Best Orthodontist in Tehran

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing an orthodontist in Tehran is to understand the difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist. While both a general dentist and an orthodontist can provide treatment for oral health issues, an orthodontist is specifically trained to diagnose and treat dental and facial malformations, In contrast, a general dentist can provide general dentistry services such as cleaning, filling, and root canal treatments. It is important to consult with an orthodontist in Tehran before beginning any treatment, as they have the specialized training and experience to diagnose and treat any orthodontic issues.

Why should you Refer to Dr.Davoudian, the best orthodontic doctor in Tehran?

The benefits are:

  • simadent Dental Clinic uses the latest technology in digital Intraoral scanner.
  • using the newest methods of orthodontics like Soft tissue lasering.
  • having access to Dr.Davoodian (orthodontic specialist) 24/7 in social networks.
  • Providing invisible orthodontic services.
  • After the end of the orthodontic treatment period is over, patients are visited periodically once every 3 months for a lifetime, free of charge.
  • Providing special arrangements for long-distance patients.
  • Providing medical services in a short period of time to reduce the number of visits.
  • Examination and expert consultation with specialists in other fields of dentistry, such as a gum specialist, endodontist, implant specialist and pediatric dentist, are available in one clinic.
  • Providing all necessary services for orthodontics such as tooth decay repair, Implants, root canal therapy, tooth extraction frenectomy, etc.
Orthodontist in Tehran
Best Orthodontist in Tehran (Dr.Masoud Davoudian)

Difference Between General Dentists and Orthodontists

A general dentist can provide a wide range of services, including checking for oral health issues, cleaning teeth, filling cavities, performing root canal therapy, and extracting teeth. They also have expertise in diagnosing and treating various oral health conditions, such as gingivitis, dental abscesses, and tooth decay. However, a general dentist may not have the specialized training and experience in orthodontics that an orthodontist has, which is why it’s important to choose the right dental provider for your needs.

While general dentists provide a wide range of dental care, they typically lack the specialized
training and experience in orthodontics that orthodontists possess. Therefore, selecting the
appropriate dental specialist for your specific needs is crucial

An orthodontist can provide a more comprehensive range of services that are tailored to the specific needs of the patient’s teeth and jaw structure, and they can diagnose and treat more complex conditions that may not be within the scope of a general dentist’s practice. So, if you’re looking for specialist care in orthodontics, it’s important to consider the difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist and choose a provider who has the expertise and training to meet your specific needs.

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Orthodontist with a Fellowship

When choosing the best orthodontist in Tehran, it is essential to consider the orthodontist’s professional qualifications and experience. One qualification that you should look for is an orthodontist who has completed a fellowship in orthodontics. A fellowship is additional training in a specific area of dentistry after completing a dental degree. An orthodontist with a fellowship in orthodontics has extra training in the diagnosis and treatment of complex orthodontic cases. This additional training can provide peace of mind that you are working with an experienced orthodontist who is up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies in orthodontics.

dr.davoudian services

Orthodontic Services by Dr.Davoudian

Dr.Davoudian’s orthodontic services cover a wide range of treatments, including the invisible and highly effective Invisalign. Suppose invisibility is what you’re looking for in orthodontic treatment, In that case you’ll be pleased to know that Invisalign trays provide the same benefits as traditional braces with the added comfort of being virtually invisible. Dr.Davoudian also provides conventional braces for patients who prefer a more traditional approach to orthodontic treatment. Whether you choose Invisalign or braces, you can trust that Dr. Davoudian has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best result, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

all the services provided by Dr. Davoudian are:

Orthodontic services

  • Invisible orthodontics
  • Fixed orthodontics
  • Damon Orthodontics
  • Ceramic orthodontics
  • Removable orthodontics
  • Lingual orthodontics

Orthodontic and jaw surgery services

  • Camouflage orthodontics
  • Orthognathic surgery

Fixing jaw and mouth abnormalities

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Space between teeth
  • DeepBite
  • Crossbite
  • Too much overload
  • Openbite
  • Front tooth orthodontics
  • Impacted tooth
  • Deviation of the jaw
  • Midline deviation

The Best orthodontic clinic in Tehran (SimadentClinic)

Simadent is one of the best orthodontic clinics in Iran, offering high-quality services and professional expertise in the field of braces and other orthodontic treatments. With a team of experienced and dedicated orthodontists, Simadentclinic is dedicated to providing customized and personalized care to each and every one of its patients, ensuring that the best possible results are achieved. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology and most advanced dental equipment and is committed to providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients during their treatment. Whether you have complex orthodontic needs or are simply looking to straighten your teeth, Simadent is the clinic of choice in Tehran for the best orthodontic care.

Orthodontic in simadentclinic

When patients with multiple dental issues come to the best orthodontic clinic in Iran (Simadent) for orthodontics procedures, considering that orthodontics is the last link in the chain of dental treatments, simadentclinic can provide all the necessary surgical procedures like: denervation, Specialized gum surgery treatments, implant and Pediatric dental treatments with the supervision of the best orthodontist in Tehran, Dr.Davoudian

Orthodontics Cost in Tehran

When it comes to orthodontic care, the cost can vary depending on the type of treatment you need and the level of expertise of the orthodontist providing the care. At Simadent, we are committed to providing high-quality care at an affordable price. Our team of experienced orthodontists will work with you to assess your individual needs and develop a treatment plan that fits within your budget. We offer a range of payment options and financing plans to make it easier for you to get the treatment you need. So, whether you’re looking for traditional braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic treatments, Simadent is here to help you achieve your dental goals without breaking the bank.

Orthodontics in simadent dental clinicprice
Fixed orthodontics of two jaws without tooth extraction1500$
Fixed orthodontics with tooth extraction1600$
Orthognathic surgery1700$
Damon orthodontics (added per jaw)400$
Pseudo-Demon orthodontics (added per jaw)200$
Ceramic orthodontics (added per jaw)400$
Removable orthodontics of two jaws800$

other costs of orthodontic services are:

Functional Appliance800$
Fixed retainer for each jaw100$
Changing the removable plate of each jaw100$
Rebond of conventional bracket10$
Rebond of damon bracket20$
Rebound ceramic bracket20$
fixed retainer repair (per area)10$
Posterior fixed retainer (per area)20$
Gingivectomy of each tooth (Laser)20$
Acceleration of orthodontics with laser (per session)20$
Orthodontics 2 x 4, two jaws800$
Replacing the neck pad20$
Orthodontic reverse headgear20$
Incisal reshape after debond (for each jaw)20$
Hyrax appliance400$
Surgical hook + stage impression100$
Zygomatic mini screw200$

latest update : 5/27/2024

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How to Choose the Best Orthodontist

When looking for an orthodontist, it’s important to consider the following factors to choose the best one:

  1. Experience: Look for an orthodontist who has completed their training and has experience in treating orthodontic cases that align with your needs.
  2. Expertise: Make sure the orthodontist has specialized expertise in the specific area of orthodontics that you need.
  3. Credentials: Verify that the orthodontist has the proper licenses and certifications to practice.
  4. Professionalism: Consider the reputation of the orthodontist and how well they treat their patients.
  5. Communication: A good orthodontist should be able to explain treatment options and outcomes clearly, so look for someone who is a good communicator.
  6. Discipline: When choosing the best orthodontist, always look for the one who can emphasize the importance of disciplined adherence to treatment plans.
  7. Support: One of the key features of evaluating the best orthodontist is support which goes hand in hand with discipline and creates the best and most compassionate approach to orthodontic care.

When you have considered these factors, you’ll be able to choose the best orthodontist for your needs.


When it comes to the best orthodontic clinic in Tehran, simadentclinic is one of the top choices. With a dedicated team of experienced and professional orthodontists, including Dr.Davoudian, Simadent provides personalized and high-quality orthodontic care tailored to each patient. Whether you’re looking for traditional braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic treatments, the team at Simadent is committed to providing the best possible results through their expertise and cutting-edge technology. At Simadent, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands and that your treatment plan will be personalized to your unique needs.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in diagnosing and treating misaligned teeth and jaws. They can diagnose and treat issues like crowded or crooked teeth, deepbites, underbites, open bites, and other misaligned teeth and jaws. Their expertise includes recommending and providing various types of braces or Invisalign treatment, jaw surgery, and other orthodontic treatments that may be needed to achieve a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile. They also provide guidance on how to maintain and care for your teeth and braces after treatment.

Is Orthodontics a Surgery?

No, orthodontics is not a surgery but rather a specialized field of dentistry that involves assessing and correcting tooth and jaw alignment. Orthodontics is a non-surgical treatment that involves using various orthodontic appliances such as braces, aligners, and retainers to align and straighten teeth. While there are sometimes cases that may require surgical procedures to treat more complex conditions, the majority of orthodontic cases are non-surgical and require no surgery. Orthodontists can diagnose, assess, and provide personalized treatments that meet the unique needs of each individual patient without surgery.

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